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Refurbish, revive, re-think.

Where some see old factories or broken-down retail space, Red Rock Realty Group sees opportunity. Where some see empty neighborhoods, investors see a chance to revitalize a city. Commercial real estate development is a thrilling and rewarding way to secure a sensational return on an enduring asset, all while contributing to the character that makes our cities great.

At Red Rock Realty Group, our commercial property development team considers every element of both ground-up construction and refurbishment to create a building that suits its time, place, and uses perfectly. Learn more about how you can get involved with Red Rock Realty Group’s growing portfolio of commercial development properties in Birmingham and greater Alabama today.

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Let’s Create Long-Term Value For Communities

Birmingham and other cities throughout Alabama are primed for investment and development. If you’re ready to join the effort, Red Rock Realty Group has opportunities for you. Contact us today.

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Full-service development planning.

Commercial Real Estate Development in Birmingham, AL

We develop properties in the Birmingham, Alabama, area, including office, retail, food & beverage, multi-family, industrial, medical, and mixed-use. Our goal is to develop real estate that conforms to the ideals of “smart growth” and “sustainable design,” believing that development of this type creates long-term value for ourselves and the community.


We work with excellent architects, contractors, and other consultants to create developments that add to the character of a neighborhood and offer a sense of pride to our clients.


We develop properties in the Birmingham, Alabama, area, including office, retail, food & beverage, multi-family, industrial, medical, and mixed-use.


We identify existing buildings that need new owners, a new vision, and new users. Our goal is to develop properties with smart growth and sustainable design.

Great properties, recovering communities.

Developing Properties Across Industries in Birmingham & Beyond

At the end of the day, there are plenty of commercial properties for sale, and more than a few are ideal for development. At Red Rock Realty Group, we take numerous factors into account when considering development projects. Market saturation, usage trends, community needs, building style, and sustainability are constant touchpoints throughout our development process. We don’t guess about the properties we develop—we make data-driven decisions instead.

No property development portfolio can be complete without diverse projects. At Red Rock Realty Group, we delight in transforming old, unused, or underutilized office, retail, medical, multi-family, industrial, and institutional properties into beacons of profitability and hope. Learn more about our commercial property development process by contacting us today.

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Frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Property Development

Throughout America, you’ll find two primary kinds of properties—residential and commercial. Residential properties are usually single-family homes or dwellings, while commercial properties can be retail stores, doctor’s offices, warehouses, factories, and even apartment complexes or hotels.

Commercial property development involves the construction or renovation of these commercial spaces, complete with the management and ensured profitability of those buildings thereafter.

The costs associated with developing commercial properties can vary wildly due to a number of critical factors. The size, age, scope of development, intended purpose, location, and physical state of a property can all severely affect the ultimate price tag. These factors are less intuitive than they seem. For instance, a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse may be larger than a retail storefront, but may not be more expensive to develop since it won’t need many of the comfort associated with a shop.

To learn more about how property development costs are estimated, contact Red Rock Realty Group today.

There are dozens of ways to get involved with commercial property development in your community. At Red Rock Realty Group, we’re always on the lookout for property development partnerships in Birmingham, AL, and beyond. We offer numerous investment opportunities at several different levels of engagement to suit your exact needs.

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We Change Communities—One Commercial Building At a Time

As a Birmingham-based commercial property developer, we’ve seen firsthand how a wise investment can improve outcomes for investors. But more than that, we’ve seen the impact that hope makes in the communities we serve. Birmingham and the rest of Alabama is a hotspot for commercial development and redevelopment. With hundreds of unrealized opportunities still waiting to be claimed, we’re excited about what the future holds for our neighborhoods.

At Red Rock Realty Group, we’re always on the lookout for investment partnerships and development opportunities. If you’re looking to play a role in the redevelopment and revitalization of your community—all while making a hefty return and giving back—we have a place for you. Contact us today to learn more about property development in Birmingham and elsewhere in Alabama.

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