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Property Management

Owning commercial property doesn’t have to be a headache. Red Rock Realty Group knows how to make your assets work for you by creating a reliable and powerful avenue for passive income. With commercial real estate management services from Red Rock Realty Group, business owners, and land owners throughout North and Central Alabama are maximizing the value of their properties.

Our team understands the best ways to reduce costs and increase efficiencies across a number of sectors. We handle all kinds of property management, from offices to land, medical practices to industrial spaces, and we do it with exceptional expertise. Take property management off your list and put it onto ours instead while enjoying less stress and increased income.

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Building or buying a property is only half the battle. Now, you need full-service property management services to maximize your investment. Let’s talk about how we can help.

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Full-service management for any property.

Commercial Property Management Services in Birmingham, AL

At Red Rock Realty Group, we go above and beyond selling available real estate. We provide property management and leasing services to a range of clients, collaborating on informed strategies and executing them for continued success. In real estate, value is created through attention to detail, well-matched leasing, and creative marketing. At Red Rock Realty Group, we leverage these tools and more—we forge a partnership around your property, built to maximize its value.


From lease negotiations & maintenance to tenant relations, we manage office properties to ensure a productive & lucrative environment. Find tenants & keep them with Red Rock Realty Group.


Our property management services for retail spaces focus on maximizing foot traffic and enhancing the overall shopping experience for tenants and customers alike.


From managing leases for warehouse spaces to overseeing maintenance for manufacturing facilities, our experienced team understands the needs of heavy industrial properties.

Managing properties throughout Alabama.

Legacy Clients, Local Property Management

With over 350,000 sq. ft. of commercial property under management in North and Central Alabama, our exclusive focus is on our customers. The diversity of our client list speaks for itself with numerous, homegrown and legacy institutions trusting Red Rock Realty Group for full-service property management. From Bromberg’s to Honda, Alabama Power to LTV Steel, we’ve successfully guided properties of every size and stripe to profitability.

Beyond the industry or purpose of managed properties, we accommodate owners in nearly every circumstance. Our property management team can easily adapt strategies to fit your needs, from institutional property management for investors to REO property management for financial institutions. Find a path that works for you and your property by contacting Red Rock Realty Group today.

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Frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Property Management

Maintenance and occupancy are just two of the primary concerns property managers handle for property owners. In essence, full-service property management companies can take an empty building (generating no revenue) and guide it through every step of the rental process.

Property managers can locate tenants, negotiate agreements, maintain the structure/grounds, and collect rent—all on your behalf. They can even review finances and generate marketing campaigns for properties of every type.

To learn more about what a commercial property manager can do for your investment, contact Red Rock Realty Group today.

Commercial property management fees are dependent on the type of property, the scope of marketing efforts, and the individual maintenance needs of the structure and grounds—to name only a few key factors. As such, property management fees are usually expressed as a percentage of the collected rent. In this structure, property managers have a vested interest in the success of your enterprise. Much like a fiduciary investment group, the interests of both parties (property owners and property managers) are tightly linked.

Anyone who owns a commercial property and hopes to rent that property can benefit from management. The owners of industrial sites, retail properties, medical facilities, office spaces, multi-family properties, single-family investment properties, and too many more to list are all ideal candidates for property management.

If you’re interested in maximizing your investment without also sinking your time and effort into everyday maintenance or operation, commercial property management may be the perfect fit for you.

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Let’s Talk About Managing Your Commercial Property

At Red Rock Realty Group, we know that investment property owners have worked hard enough already. You earned the capital necessary to invest in the oldest and most reliable asset known to man. Now, you could use a hand in dealing with daily operations, tenant negotiations, marketing, maintenance, and more.

As a Birmingham-based, full-service commercial property management company, all we need to get started is your say so. Let us launch into action by advertising your property, vetting tenants, collecting payment, and passing that payment on to you. For well over a decade, commercial property owners have entrusted Red Rock Realty Group with their hopes, dreams, and properties. Now, you can, too.

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